Environmental impact and our responsibility

Reduce environmental impact with an ozone laundry system, high-efficiency laundry equipment

Conserving resources is a great start to reducing your environmental impact. And, it’s a great practice toward conserving your bottom line.

At Jim Welsh Inc., we help clients discover, evaluate and implement processes and technology to minimize waste. Environmentally conscious, high-efficiency technology is one path to savings—savings of natural resources and savings in your operations. We partner with commercial clients to help them find “greener,” high-efficiency laundry solutions.

Ozone laundry systems are one tool to reduce environmental impact. Another option toward reducing your impact (and utility bill) is high-performance UniMac equipment.

How high-performance equipment makes a difference

UniMac equipment, our specialty at Jim Welsh, Inc., is built to clean, but also to be green. UniMac machines are integrated with green technology.

Here are three ways UniMac high-efficiency laundry machines deliver energy and waste savings:

  • Washer programming: Control water consumption and heating costs by using programmable controls. Most new washers have controls for setting cycle time and temperature.

  • Water consumption: Choose from up to 30 different water levels for your washer cycles. Small changes can save thousands of gallons a year.

  • Energy consumption: Enjoy decreased drying time. Washers with high extraction speeds spin out more water, and drying tumblers that balance heat, tumble action and airflow provide the greatest drying efficiency.

What you get from an ozone laundry system

An ozone laundry system works with your existing commercial laundry equipment. With the system, ozone (O3) is injected into the water and acts like a gas during the wash.

This powerful oxidizer breaks down soil and bacteria by opening and penetrating individual fibers. Users get softer, cleaner and whiter linens, while you save money and the environment.

The ozone technology:

  • Decreases water and sewage costs: Ozone can help eliminate rinse cycles, saving water and reducing utility costs.

  • Saves energy: Ozone works in cold water, which means users pay less to heat wash cycles. Ozone also helps expel more moisture as the washer spins, which means linens spend less time in the dryer.

  • Saves labor: Shorter wash and dry times means you can do more loads per shift. And, ozone’s cleaning power means fewer linens have to be rewashed.

  • Increases linen life: Ozone users enjoy shorter wash cycle and dry cycle times. That’s because ozone expands fibers, allowing more moisture to come out during extraction. Less wear and tear on linens means they last 10% to 25% longer.

  • Offers return on investment: Ozone users usually see a payback in about 18 months (and even sooner).

Green strategies to reduce environmental impact are unique for each business. Contact us today for the latest options and the best solution for your commercial laundry needs.

See it yourself

View the video below to see how the combination of economic decision and environmental impact of the UniMac systems help Bill and Renee McDermid, owners of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Boulder, CO, attain and keep their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.